News about Off White x AJ5 Sail

Half a year has passed, and the model designed by Virgil Abloh for Nike still has only one color on sale. However, recently we have more news about the new color scheme.

As early as six months ago, Virgil Abloh personally exposed the existence of a Sail version and taught how to dig a hole.

But over time, the Off White x AJ5 in the hands of Virgil Abloh was replaced with black soles. This makes the emergence of new models less certain.

But what is exciting is that recently there has finally been news of the release of this Off White x AJ5 Sail. At the same time, a large number of UA products have also begun to sell this model.

Please pay attention to this model, it is expected to be released within this year.

Off White AJ5 Sail on

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