How to Spot Fake Supreme

How to Spot Fake Supreme

With Supreme being one of the most sought-after brands right now, people are looking at it from a business perspective. Buying and re-selling Supreme items have become a trend, but how do we know what we’re getting into is the real deal? Check out our guide on how to spot fake Supreme.

Signs Supreme Might Be Fake

Whether you’re investing in a new bit of Supreme to keep for yourself or you’re getting into the buy and re-sell game, the last thing anyone wants is to waste their money on a fake Supreme piece. Unfortunately, there are people who see the potential in creating fake Supreme and selling it on, so to make sure you’re not someone who falls for these scams, you need to be on the know on how to spot fake vs real Supreme.

There are a few ways you can spot the real from the fake Supreme clothing. These can be identified by examining different areas of the clothing such as the logos, the print, the labels, the drawstrings, the stitching, the tags or even the feel of the item. Read on to discover our top tips on differentiating between the two as well as taking a look at some of the worst fake Supreme.


How To Spot A Fake Supreme Hoodie

Fake Supreme Logos

You may think that looking at the logo of your Supreme item is the best way to tell whether it’s real or fake, however, you’ll get much more of an indication by looking at the inside detailing of the pieces. Below, you can see a real and a fake Supreme hoodie laid out next to each other. Knowing how to spot fake Supreme hoodies can save you a lot of money (and dignity) but it’s really not that easy to do by looking at the logo alone. In some cases, it will be blatantly obvious if it’s fake, but this is only with the worst fake Supreme pieces you can buy. A lot of people create fake hoodies – and other items – to be as close to the real thing as possible, as this is where most unfortunate people are tricked.

When it comes to the box logo hoodie, the box logo should be completely embroidered with a high-quality stitch. If the stitching is off or broken, it’s most likely fake. Another way of telling a fake from a real logo is the colour of it. The red on a real Supreme hoodie is a bright, rich dark red colour (compare it to any other items you may have that you know are real). A fake logo will either be too light or far too dark.

Another trick for telling the real and fake logo apart is by the Supreme lettering itself. There should be plenty of space around the word ‘Supreme’ and the embroidery should be in a matte white. Fake logos will have a grey tinge to them and will glint when put under light. If this all seems a bit too inconspicuous for you, read on for some more ways to check. If you turn the hoodie inside out, you can observe the logo from the back. Real Supreme hoodies have a thin white stitch line running along the middle of the outer red stitching that secures it to the hoodie. A fake hoodie may replicate this, but the stitching will be broken or poor quality.

fake vs real supreme box logo

The difference in the logos pictured above is evident, with the fake’s lettering, stitching and overall poor quality being shown

Check The Labels

The labels of Supreme clothing are usually the easiest way to tell if a piece is real or fake. It’s all in the small details because remember, the manufacturer will want to be as convincing as possible. when it comes to a hoodie, check out these tips. First up, take a look the inside top label of the hoodie. The main giveaway between a real and fake is the size and spacing of the word ‘Supreme’ on the label compared to the smaller, square ‘Made In’ tag that sits directly next to it. On a real hoodie, the word ‘Supreme’ will take up the whole lower space of the tag, and the small ‘Made In’ tag will come down as far as the ‘E’ of ‘Supreme’. On the fake, the end of the ‘Made In’ tag will end way above that point. Like we said, it really is in the small details.

Next, take a look at the wash labels on the hoodies. These are the ones you find down the left-hand side that have the washing instructions on them. On a real hoodie, this wash label will have a single line of stitch going along the top, with some label sticking out above it. On a fake, this label will be tucked into the overlocking of the hoodie, covering/hiding the top of the label completely. This label will also be sewn into a different section of the hoodie on a real and a fake. The correct position of it should be towards the back of the left-hand side, whereas the fake is usually towards the front.

Finally, take a look at the small side logo label that you’ll find on the outside bottom left-hand side of the hoodie. The quality difference of this label between the real and fake should be pretty significant. On the real deal, the ‘Supreme’ word should take up most of the box tag whereas on the fake there will be a lot of dead space around the writing. The writing on the fake will also be cracked through the poor embroidery quality.


real vs fake neck tag supreme box logo hoodie-min
The difference in lettering, as well as overall size between the labels, is evident on fakes
PHOTO CREDIT: Fake Comparison


The Drawstrings

When it comes to spotting a fake hoodie, you can tell a lot from the drawstrings. If they are round, they are very likely fake hoodies. Supreme use flat drawstrings in all of their hoodies which is a big giveaway when you’re looking for a fake.

The Print

If your Supreme hoodie has a print on the back, the best way to tell if it’s real is by checking over the quality. Sometimes the image will be purposely blurred or pixilated, so be sure to have a look at some pictures of real ones online and make your best judgement with it. It may be that the colours differ and are dull or too dark/light in one compared to the other. If you’re still unsure, check the above tips to see if it is authentic or not.

The Feel

Supreme hoodies aren’t cheap, and this is owed partially to the brand name and reputation and partially to the materials they use. Supreme hoodies are made with high-quality materials, and the insides are a warm, soft fleece. The feel of a fake Supreme hoodie won’t be anywhere near as nice and will feel almost rough on the skin.

How To Spot A Fake Supreme T-shirt

The Stitching

When it comes to checking whether your Supreme T-shirt is real or fake, start by looking at the stitching along the neckline. No real Supreme T-shirt has any visible stitching, whether it’s one or two lines of it. A fake T-shirt will probably have some visible stitching in a few places the real one doesn’t, including on the tag. On the main tag, real Supreme T-shirts have a single stitch running down the two edges. Most fakes will have a double stitch (two stitches) instead of one. Be careful with this one though, some Supreme T-shirts have done a double stitch too.

It’s worth looking up what the stitching was like on the legit T-shirt and check it against the one you’re looking at. It’s important to remember that Supreme has changed manufacturers over their years, so just because some T-shirt details differ from others, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fake.


real vs fake supreme stitching
The stitching is one of the biggest giveaways on fake Supreme T-shirts
PHOTO CREDIT: The Ramblings of Jon M A


Check The Labels

Again, labels are a big giveaway when it comes to spotting fake Supreme. First up, the real Supreme labels have a watermark on the back. These are very faint, and not easily seen in dim light. Shining your phone torch on the back of the labels at an angle will help you spot these. Again, the writing on these watermarks often change. On some Supreme T-shirts it will simply say ‘Supreme’ and on others, it might say ‘Supreme T-shirt’. Don’t count one as fake unless you can’t see any watermark at all.

On the front of these labels, there will be the text stating ‘Made In U.S.A.’. Supreme ensure that they put a dot between and after each letter – 3 dots in total. If any of these dots are missing, the item is fake.

If the T-shirt in question is before the 2000s, the tags will naturally be different. The main things to look out for here are the size and colour. The tags will be red and simply have the ‘Supreme’ logo on the front. On the underside, there will be the size printed, as well as just the ‘U.S.A.’ lettering instead of ‘Made In U.S.A.’.

Fake Supreme Photo T-shirt

The Supreme celebrity photo T-shirts are some of the most sought-after Supreme pieces around. To check the authenticity of these, follow the same steps as above. The quality of the photo should be a big giveaway, ad the real series are always the highest of qualities in both material and print. If you’re still unsure about whether it’s real or fake, search some real ones and compare them against the T-shirt.

How To Spot Fake Supreme Bags

The Colour

Just like clothing, there are people who love to make fake Supreme accessories too. These can be just as well made as clothing, and sometimes hard to differentiate between the real deal. Start by looking at the colour of the bag. The same way the Supreme box logo is bright and rich in colour, the bags will have the same colour quality. If the colour of the bag seems faded or a dull hue (unless that is the actual design – in which case you should know) then it could very well be a fake.

The Straps

Although fake manufacturers will do their very best to replicate bags, some things simply can’t be faked. There are always going to be details that will differ from the originals, such as the durability, width or even style of the straps. Again, the best way to check these is to compare them to originals (be it pictures or the real thing if possible).

The Stitching

On all Supreme items, the stitching should be immaculate. This is the same for bags. If you have a bag and there stitching is uneven, broken, snagged or crossed over, the bag is probably fake. All stitching should be uniform across the bag and even along the seams. The same general rules apply to hats, too. Some notable fake Supreme re-creations include fake Supreme North Face, a fake Supreme Mask and Louis Vuitton – which fake manufacturers could make a living out of if the buyer is fooled. Knowing how to spot fake Supreme Louis Vuitton and how to spot fake Supreme x The North Face should be much easier than the more popular, common bags on the market.

How To Spot Fake Supreme Footwear

That’s right, fake Supreme footwear is around as well. The general rule is: if the Supreme has made it, someone will fake it. Knowing how to spot fake Supreme Air Max should be fairly straightforward. Again, check the colours and the stitching. The giveaways will be in the detail.

Let’s take a closer look at the Supreme x Jordans. How to spot fake Supreme Jordans? Once again, it’s in the details, such as the lace lock. The real shoe will have the Jordans logo on the clear plastic lace lock, whereas the fake will have a standard mark from the manufacturer. Another giveaway is on the tongue tab. These tongue tabs are raised with stitching all around. The word ‘Supreme’ should fit neatly within the stitching and no stitches should cover the word either. Other clues are in the transparency of the sole and the clarity of the Jumpman logo.

On That Note

Fake Supreme: how to tell? Some people prefer to buy fake Supreme as it is much lower in price and therefore more affordable. Others, however, get tricked into spending a load of money for something which they believe to be real when it’s actually fake. Whenever you’re considering buying something Supreme online, ask the sender to take a picture of the item with a stated name, symbol or date to make sure it is legit. Also, ask them for pictures of the details we have mentioned above and compare these details to the real ones. Another handy trick is to look at the price and availability of the item. If they are cheap and there is a lot up for sale, it’s not going to be real.

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