Fake Supreme Hoodie VS Real

Among all Supreme’s excellent products, the hoodie is one of the main foods in the counterfeit market. There are too many bad merchants on the market. If you are not buying genuine Supreme hoodies in a reassuring store, then you must need some way to tell if you are buying fakes.

There are several methods that can be implemented on the hoodie, which can help you effectively identify more than 95% of the fake Supreme hoodies. Of course, if you plan to buy a high-quality 1: 1 Supreme Replica at a low price, these are also the reference standards you can use to distinguish good from the bad.

Box Logo

The Box Logo, or Bogo, hoodie is the ultimate Supreme staple, leading to it becoming one of the most counterfeited items out there.

When evaluating Supreme hoodies, it is best to check the embroidery frame logo on the front of the bogo hoodie-if there is no embroidery at all, or if there is a lack of cohesive high-quality stitches, it will be a red flag.

Ruler Test

Legit Bogo Ruler Test
Legit Bogo

Legit Box Logo: If you look at the lettering on the Box Logo itself, you should be able to place a ruler under all of the letters and have them align.

Fake Bogo Ruler Test
Fake Bogo

Fake Box LOGO: On this fake BOGO, the letters do not line up. In many fakes, all of the letters except for the ‘e’ (which is slightly but noticeable raised by a few millimeters) line up.


Legit Bogo Lettering
Legit Bogo

Legit BOGO: A legit BOGO has recognizable space between every letter (even between the ‘r’ and ‘e’).  Also, the spacing is consistent (i.e. same between each letter).

Fake Bogo Lettering
Fake Bogo

Fake BOGO: In a Fake BOGO the spacing isn’t uniform. In this example, the spacing is completely inconsistent: the ‘r’ and ‘e’ are touching; the ‘S’ and ‘u’ are almost touching; same with the first ‘e’ and the ‘m’; the space between the ‘u’ and “p’ and the ‘p’ and ‘r’ looks about right. The spacing on the final ‘e’ is a little too close to the ‘m’. Also, the final ‘e’ is raised (see ruler test above).

Oval Inside of ‘P’

Legit Bogo Oval Inside of 'P'
Legit Bogo

Legit BOGO:  A legit BOGO the open space inside the ‘p’ is an oval (egg shape).

Fake Bogo Oval Inside of 'P'
Fake Bogo

Fake BOGO:  In a Fake BOGO, the open space is cut off at the left side where the line to the ‘p’ meets the circle forming a “D” instead of an oval.


Front Side

Legit Bogo Stitching Front
Legit Bogo

Legit BOGO: A legit BOGO’s stitching behind the ‘Supreme’ is very distinctive and is clearly a diamond or tight criss-cross pattern with no identifiable lines (horizontal or vertical).  It is also very clean looking.

Fake Bogo Stitching Front
Fake Bogo

Fake BOGO: A Fake BOGO looks more like a standard patch with very distinguishable horizontal lines.

Check the Back

Legit Bogo Back
Legit Bogo

The best way to check the logo is to ask for an inside-out picture of the hoodie logo like this (above).  Here, you can clearly see the diamond or criss-cross design.

Fake Bogo Back
Fake Bogo

Fake BOGO: A Fake BOGO’s stitching from the back is either non-existent (above) or sloppy (below).  The picture above is what will give away most fakes.  Even some of the newer knock-offs whose stitching looks legit from the front will show their fake ass stripes with this sloppier stitch job from behind.

Neck Tag

Neck Tags Gap

Legit Neck Tags Gap
Legit Neck Tags

Legit BOGO:  On a legit BOGO there should be about a two to a three-millimeter gap (think the width of three to four credit cards put together) between the ‘Supreme’ tag and the smaller ‘MADE IN CANADA’ tag.  Sometimes the gap is smaller, but as a general rule, they should not touch and should at least be parallel to one another.

Fake Neck Tags Gap
Fake Neck Tags

Fake BOGO: If both tags are clearly overlapping the BOGO is fake.

Lettering on Neck Tag

Comparison of Fake and Real Neck Tags
Comparison of Fake and Real Neck Tags

The real tag should have the same lettering as the box logo itself.  Again, any inconsistencies should raise a red flag.

Here the real tag has distinct divots at the top of the ‘p’, ‘r’, and ‘m’, while the fake tag has no divots at the top of the ‘p’, ‘r’, and ‘m’.  The fake tag’s ‘e’ is also cut off at the top.

Wash Tag

Stitching Line

Legit Wash Tag Stitching Line
Legit Wash Tag Stitching Line

On a legit BOGO, there is a single straight stitch line at the top of the tag.

Fake Wash Tag Stitching Line
Fake Wash Tag Stitching Line

On this fake BOGO, the stitch is angled and not clean.

Some wash tags are more obvious than others. The ratted criss-cross stitch is a sure sign that the BOGO you’re looking to cop is fake.

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